Removing plaster debris

Plaster ont the back of a fragment

removing plaster


Fruitful wallpaper hunt at MODA

A few hours were spent today in the archives of the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture.  I looked through a couple of pattern books and identified a few patterns which look very similar to one’s in our collection.

Pattern in a MODA pattern book from 1926/27

The same paper in 59 Hurst St

The design is not eaxctly the same as the white splodges in the MODA pattern book are seperate, whearas the Back to Backs paper’s white splodges have a branch like interconnected formation. However the essential design of white splodges on ungrounded paper is the same.

Silver design found at MODA, from an unnamed 1926/27 pattern book

A similar paper to the above is in our collection.

silver design at the Back to backs

Both papers have a silver print of large block shapes containing flower designs, though the second is clearly suffered much damage.

Finding a similar paper in MODA could help with dating the papers later after the layers are organised.