Mrs Flear’s Wallpaper – Part Four

This was a Gainsbrough Lincolnshire Wallpaper that was used at my father-in-laws.


Stephen’s story: A decorator for 50 years

Having spent a long time in the decorating business Stephen has collected old pattern books from the 19th century and other old wallpapering pamphlets and tools. 

’18 years ago I bought these patterns books in a second hand shop for 15 or 20 pounds. I have been in the wallpaper trade for 40 yearsand I am interested in William Morris, so I was interested in the books .  I also pick up old books for wallpapering .

I remember before the 1960’s the wallpaper in the dado would often be varnished and woodwork would be done in dark stain.

Funny stories? Hmm .. once I was not able to get a paper with diagonal stripes so I had to hang horizontal paper at 60 degree angles to get diagonal stripes. that was interesting.

I also remember with large scenic designs where the selvage did not meet we used to paint in birds etc.

I also created marble effect walls.’

Seam roller – used to put down the edges of wallpaper