Jackie’s Story

When I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s my father was a painter and decorator and so always had large catalogues of wallpaper samples which he took round his customers.  As these got renewed and updated I was allowed to have the old catalogues and used the paper to cover all my exercise and text books for school.  I had the most colourful and elaborately covered books in the whole school as I used many of the embossed and flock papers.  My artwork folder was like a patchwork quilt with many different squares to cover the whole folder.

Another memory is when I was told I could have my own bedroom and stop sharing with my sister.  I was allowed to choose all the decoration and remember picking for the walls a white wallpaper with little lilac roses all over it.  For the ceiling it was white with gold stars.  To finish the room I had yellow lino with a lilac rug.  This was still the decoration of the small bedroom when we sold the house after my mother died – so it had lasted about 50 years!


The Mill – Margaret Townsend

Gayle Mill was partitioned off to provide housing, we think, for the manager and his family.  Our researcher has traced the possible dates to between 1840 and 1879; but she believes the wallpaper is about 1860.  As you can see there are several layers, so the family must have lived there for a few years.  We suspect that the partitioned part was divided into two rooms as the wallpaper on the righthand side appears slightly different, but the design is very indistinct.